International Consulting

Importing & Exporting

No Borders Consulting recognizes that to be competitive in today’s global marketplace, a company must seek opportunities with customers worldwide. The challenge is that the process of importing and exporting significantly differs from country-to-country. No Borders Consulting is experienced in helping businesses find the most cost-effective solutions. Put our import and export know-how to work for you.
Products & Services Representation

We recognize that, in most circumstances, the first step to an international expansion is developing a solid market presence in the targeted country. No Borders Consulting offers representation of your products and services in Brazil and the United States, so that you can enter new markets strategically and cost effectively. Our goal is to help you grow your business to the point that you’ll require a new facility to sustain the growth.

Relocation/Expansion Strategies

Numerous factors must be considered to determine whether relocation or expansion makes fiscal sense. No Borders Consulting knows all the critical success factors that must be considered for your operation. Our expertise will help you determine the best strategy for your business when you are ready to expand or relocate in Brazil or in the United States.
Site Selection

Once the expansion/relocation strategy has been determined, identifying the perfect location for your business is made easier through our detailed site selection analysis process. All the tangible and intangible factors that need to be taken into consideration are reviewed with your unique requirements in mind. From analysis of incentives, costs, markets, accessibility, workforce availability, and quality of life, we help you make confident decisions based on your specific preferences and needs. No Borders Consulting enables you to properly assess each factor in order to secure the best possible location for your business.

Negotiation of Incentive Packages

In the United States, every county and state offers different financial incentives, and in Brazil, financial incentives are offered at the local, state and federal levels. Our knowledge and well-earned relationships with economic authorities in both countries help you gain as many incentives as available for the best possible result by identifying and pursuing multiple target locales for competitive negotiation. We know how to untie the red tape that can be a hurdle to entering into Brazil, and have excellent relationships with the United States educational system authorities to gain reimbursement for employee training costs. Our goal is to help you seal the deal with the most financially appealing package possible.

The Right Partners & Support

When a company begins operating in a different country, it requires support in many areas to effectively launch operations. From legal, accounting, and human resources to contractors, No Borders Consulting has pre-qualified and worked with several partners in Brazil and the United States to support your operations from the ground up. We’ll help you assemble your support team so you can do what you do best – run your business!