Greenfield Projects

Understanding your opportunities with cost-effectiveness in mind is critical to success and profitability when expanding internationally. No Borders Consulting will make sure that your business follows each essential step in order to create a solid and sustainable presence in your new foreign marketplace. We have helped several businesses successfully expand to Brazil and the United States by providing the following services – directly or through our partners:

  • Incorporation
  • Site Selection
  • Negotiation of Financial Incentive Packages
  • Construction Supervision
  • Service Agreements between the Parent and Subsidiary
  • Immigration Status for Foreign Employees
  • Acquisition/Rent of Office/Building
  • Office/Building Basic Needs
  • Housing for Employees Moving Overseas
  • Hiring Process

We coordinate and oversee every aspect considering your operational requirements and unique circumstances. Our priority is to make sure that your new facility is built with a strong foundation and operates efficiently.